Why use a Butler Map?
Long, flowing, perfectly groomed stretches of asphalt. Tight, twisty, roller-coaster roads in hidden deserts and dense forests. These are the roads motorcyclists dream of. These are the roads Butler Maps shares with you. Each and every one of them!

Who is Butler Maps?
Butler Maps Inc. was created by four motorcyclists who run the gamut of enthusiasm. From young to old, road racer to casual cruiser, our unique team has had the pleasure of combining our varied backgrounds to create a map suitable for a any type of rider.  Our passion for motorcycles is the common thread that fuels our campfire fodder and inspires our dream to share the best motorcycling roads we can find.

What is a Butler Map?
A Butler Map is a motorcycle specific road map that depicts the best segments of road in a given state and presents those segments in an easy to read format. Each map is designed and printed in the USA on Waterproof / Tear resistant paper.

How is a Butler Map better than your typical road map?
Your typical road atlas will tell you how to get from point A to point B, but it won’t tell you which way is best if you’re looking for excitement on two wheels. Our maps allow riders to quickly and easily plan a route based around their own time constraints and preferences. We understand that most riders do not have months to explore Colorado passes or Utah deserts, nor do they have time to sift through the countless websites and blogs that divulge the best rides in say Wyoming or Montana. Our years of research and riding have eliminated the need to waste time searching and wondering if you’re getting the best out of your ride. With one map you can see where the best riding experiences are and decide over a cup of coffee which ones you want to ride.

What states does Butler Maps currently cover?

We cover most of the western US but are riding our butts off to get maps of every great road in the US. Keep an eye out. If we don’t have an area you need we probably will soon.

How much is a Butler Map?
All maps are $14.95.

Where can I purchase a Butler Map?
Pick one up at your local motorcycle shop, favorite online store, National Parks, book stores and even cafes.

What about apps and GPS

We built a really awesome site called rever.co. Go there to plan and share all your motorcycle rides. Use the app to track and navigate. All of the information you see on our paper maps can be found there.

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